Instagram Affiliate Program

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What do you get paid? We pay you on 2 different tier levels!


$10 Bonus just for doing our affiliate program

Earn 50% Commission on for every sale you sign up

If you refer affiliates to sign up, you get an additional 5% based off commission they earned.

Payouts once per month, minimum payout is $50 earned commissions

Payments sent via PayPal or Check worldwide

Here is an example of our commission payout

At a direct conversion of $39 order, you will receive $19.50 commission. In addition, they may sign up as affiliates through your referral and you will be able to see who you referred that signed up. We will also pay you an additional 5% of your referred affiliate’s commissions!

$10 Free Sign Up Bonus

What tools do you provide to help me promote the website?


Ability to create custom tracking links

Affiliate specific coupon codes tracked only to your account

Full range of professional banners

Ability to see Trials ready for conversion

and much more!